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Thank you for taking the time to check out who we are, what our mission is and what we believe.

CWC.Life is a community of people from all ages, stages and backgrounds. We are a church composed of imperfect people willing to be perfected by the perfect God. At the C, we are committed to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER people to move from brokenness, to wholeness.

We are also convinced that there is no progress without process. We are committed to offer various opportunities by which the process towards progress can be experienced.

The psalmist David wrote the following: “The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.”

Psalms 138:8 NKJV

Another translation reads: “The Lord will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.”

Psalms 138:8 NLT

We invite you to journey with us on God’s process towards progress.

What to expect

What Can I Expect at the Worship Service?

Here at CWC Life Central Valley, our intention is to 

  1. Connect you with God
  2. Connect you with others

At the Worship Service you will experience: 

*Lively music with a current feel

*A “come as you are” place 

*An emphasis on God’s presence

*Grace and Truth relevant preaching and teaching

*Giving opportunities 

*Prayer and ministry time

*Activity-based curriculum centered on God’s Word, Kid’s Ministry

Tenants of Faith

Our Tenants of faith

We believe... the scriptures are inspired by God and declare His design and plan for all mankind.

We believe... there is only one true God-revealed in three persons... Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe... in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. As God's Son, Jesus was both human & divine.

We believe... though orginally good, man willingly fell into sin-ushering evil and death, both physically and spiritually, into the world.

We believe... every person can have restored fellowship with God through salvation.

We believe... the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience following salvation.

We believe... the initial physical evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. 

We believe... a divinely called and scriptually ordained leadership ministry serves the church. 

We believe... divine healing of the sick is a privilege for Christians today and is provided for in Christ's atonement. We believe... in the blessed hope when Jesus raptures His Church prior to His return to earth.

We believe... in the millenial reign of Christ when Jesus returns with His saints at His second coming.

We believe... a final judgment will take place for those who have rejected Christ.

We believe... and look forward to the perfect new heaven and a new earth that Christ is preparing for all people, of all time, who have accepted Him.

We are here!

We are located at two Campuses:

Cutler Cristian Worship Center is Located at 40448 Mueller Road Cutler, CA

Every Sunday morning at 8:45am.

Dinuba Christian Worship Center is located at 240 E Fresno Street Dinuba, CA

Every Sunday morning at 10:30am.

Come Experience Jesus with US!